At Home Workouts For The Viral Apocalypse

Social distancing, quarantine, isolation…whatever you call it, it seems we’re in a global pickle regarding getting out of the house and into the gym. If you’re displaced from your gym in the Manhattan, Kansas area the USCO doors are still open for personal training. If you’re house bound check out the workouts below to keep … Read moreAt Home Workouts For The Viral Apocalypse

(How-to) Get A Grip!

From valiantly carrying all the groceries in one trip, having an intimidating handshake, to playing tug of war with your dog, we all need grip strength! In fact, in a study by Perna et al. it was determined that most folks “fell into the ‘needs improvement zone’.” Furthermore, in Leong et al.’s article Prognostic Value … Read more(How-to) Get A Grip!