At Home Workouts For The Viral Apocalypse

Social distancing, quarantine, isolation…whatever you call it, it seems we’re in a global pickle regarding getting out of the house and into the gym. If you’re displaced from your gym in the Manhattan, Kansas area the USCO doors are still open for personal training. If you’re house bound check out the workouts below to keep you active during this tough time.

Upper/Lower Pyramid for time

Complete 3-6 rounds for time, resting 1-5 minutes between rounds or as necessary. This can be scaled to be more or less aggressive depending on your fitness levels. For example, pushups can be done to a counter and air squats could be chair squats instead.

30 air squats/10 push-ups

25 air squats/15 pushups

20 air squats/20 pushups

15 air squats/25 pushups

10 air squats/30 pushups

Core Stability Challenge

Complete 2-5 rounds

1) Side Plank x 15-45 seconds/side

2) Dead Bug x 10-15 reps/side

3) Bird Dog x 10-15 reps/side

Glutes and Hammies

Complete each circuit 2-4 times resting as necessary

1A) Towel slide hamstring curls x 10

2A) clam shell x 10/side

3A) isometric lunge x 0:15-0:30 seconds / side

1B) glute bridge x 15

2B) donkey kick x 10/side

3B) air squat x 15

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