Hi, my name is Annie...

I started Unbreakable Strength Co. with one mission: to help others live happier lives by developing resilient minds and bodies through strength and movement training. I hold my degree in kinesiology, and am a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a large body of experience and continuing education under my belt. To read more about my story, visit my bio below..

Anneliese Spence

Founder & Head Coach



1-1 in person coaching... for anyone looking to get stronger and more resilient. Clients can meet at the USCO Studio or I will meet them in their home.

In person coaching...
for groups of up to 10 at a time, excellent for small team sports, friends, or families.

1-1 Virtual Programming for Individuals or Groups...Clients can apply for individualized programming for an individual, team, or business organization. Programming and/or Zoom sessions offered.

Subscription Programming Services...Busy schedule on a budget? Look no further! Sign up in our store for our subscription programming services delevered right to your phone on our app!

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Articles and Podcasts featuring Unbreakable Strength Co.

Articles and Podcasts featuring Unbreakable Strength Co.

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