Powerlifting at 74! Training Log

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Bill and I have been training together for 4 years. When we began, he’d been told by his physician that the sharp pains in his shoulder were normal, from age, and indicative of frozen shoulder. He wasn’t able to do a pushup from his knees it caused so much pain, and a life of being a professor held his spine fixed in kyphosis. 

To his advantage, he’d completed the Bike Across Kansas event and been avidly cardiovascular active. This lent us a broad General Physical Preparedness base (GPP) to do work on top of.

Our general progression over time has been as follows…

Year 1:


  • build general mobility
  • regular strength routine
  • nutritional basics
  • bodyweight exercise competency
  • Shoulder and Spinal Mobility

Year 2:

  • Strength for general health as priority
  • strength and mobility to support bike across Kansas 

Year 3:

  • COVID year
  • maintain and build as much fitness over zoom and with home equipment as possible
  • outdoor time as much as possible
  • volume volume volume
  • dumbbells, bands, bodyweight

Year 4: & beyond

  • prepping for first powerlifting meet
  • dial in Big 3 technique 
  • advanced mobility and joint health
  • advanced nutritional and supplementation protocols
  • additional training day each week added + homework lifting day and homework steps on own

Below is a video of bill setting a 142.5 lb bench PR!

Below I have our current 6 months planned out as a general guideline and an example of how we’re planning to approach the next half year of training as far as relative intensities and progression goes.

To follow along live on the day to day with Bill’s powerlifting programming and prep for the Sunflower State Games – CLICK HERE 

*note that these are how the actual training days turn out not the skeleton plan underneath

Senior lifters, in my experience,  do better with goal ranges on volume and intensity with a more understanding autoregulatory approach than a strict percentage based program .

If you have questions about designing customized strength programming or coaching like what you see here please contact me via the contact page or send me an email at annie@unbreakablestrengthco.com


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