Apocalypse Workout #004

Happy May Day! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather and the time at home lately. We likely have an unconventional summer ahead of us, how are you preparing yourself physically and mentally for that time? The consistency of maintaining a schedule based around training, being physically active, and getting outside all help me cope with challenge and change. Today’s workout is bodyweight only, and I encourage you to train outside today and enjoy all of the beautiful nature in Manhattan, Kansas or wherever you find yourself – let’s get after it!

Warm Up Series

Complete 1-3 rounds

A1 Pogo Jumps x 20

A2 Inch Worm x 10

A3 Prone Rear Delt Pulldown x 10

Strength Series 

Complete 2-5 rounds

B1 Diamond Pushup x 10

can be done from knees or to counter top too!

B2 Single Arm Plank x :15 sec / side

This is an advanced movement sub conventional plank if needed

B3 Bulgarian Split Squat x 10 / leg

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