Bodyweight Strength and Mobility Old School Soviet Style

So far, many of our workouts have been bodyweight exercises designed to mimic common bodybuilding and weightlifting exercises that normally use barbells, dumbbells, or machines – squats, hamstring curls, rows, etc. Move over Arnold, today we are going to do a workout based upon the old strength training movements found in Eastern European style kettlebell and weightlifting training. The first recorded appearance of the Kettlebell originates in Russia in the 1700’s where it was used to weigh and balance scales. Traditional bells were weighed in a unit called a “pood” which translates to 36.11 lbs – a far cry from the variety of conventional lb based kettle bells we see today.

Today we are going to do bodyweight versions the Turkish get up, the Windmill, and the Bulgarian Split Squat. Of course, if you have a kettlebell at home, or even a dumbbell you can complete all of these drills weighted too!


Pretzel Stretch – Take 5 deep Box Breaths each side. For a refresher on box breathing click here

Posterior Hip Capsule Stretch – 5 deep box breaths each side


3-6 rounds of:

10 Windmill x side

10 Turkish get up x side

10 Bulgarian Split Squats x side

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