10 Fitness Instagrams That Don’t Suck

#Fitspo, we love it AND we hate it, but most of us use it. Instagram is the wild wild west of fitness information and we are flooded day-in and day-out with images of people projecting a life of perfection. The fact is, no-one is perfect and no perfectly edited smoothie bowl or bikini photo shows the whole picture. Even worse, many of these artificially curated pages are sharing sub-par and even harmful information (such as mega-dosing vitamins to cure disease, or selling dangerous pro-hormones for muscle growth). Furthermore, these fitness pages can wreck havoc with the body image expectations we set for ourselves. “According to a social media report from Norwegian global influencer marketing platform inzpire.me, nearly half (47%) of surveyed influencers felt their job as an influencer had an impact on their mental health and 32% believes the platform gave them a “negative” impact on body image (Forbes, 2019)”

When it comes to actually training towards your goals, being healthy, and feeling good about yourself the content you consume matters!

Below are 10 instagram profiles that offer accessible, scientifically sound, and honest content to help you get your #fitspo on.

1). Meg Squats

Meg markets herself as a Strength & Fitness Coach “on a mission to get a barbell in every woman’s hands.”

Busting the myth that femininity and strength can’t go hand in hand, Meg is honest about body image issues many women face and about photos of her body that are unedited all while offering solid lifting tips.

Check this full body warmup out:

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👩🏻‍🦰 📆 Warm-up for the weekend 📆 👩🏻‍🦰 – Your warm up is an opportunity to prime your body to lift heavy stuff ⏩ work on weaknesses ⏩ improve mobility ⏩and get rid of stiffness or pain. – My program introduces a new warm up every week so my lifters can get a good idea of what makes them feel best and which exercises target their weaknesses. 📚Bookmark this one for your next workout. – 1️⃣ Empty Barbell Complex: I switched this one around to the beginning of my warm-up to get me moving through some movement patterns I’ll see during my session. No weight, just moving through some basic moves and raising my heart rate. – 2️⃣ Sun Salutation/Yoga Flow: DO YOU SEE THAT FORWARD FOLD THOUGH? I wish I would have taken before photos since starting a more consistent yoga practice. Work through some down dawg to up dawg transitions to get the kinks out. – 3️⃣ Blackburns: This is a shoulder saver and strengthener. Stay consistent with these if you have stiff shoulders. We work them in or something like it often. – 4️⃣ + 5️⃣ Lat Pullovers / Slow Bear Crawl: For our week is to wake up our lats and core before lifting heavy. You’ll have more control, better form, and bigger lifts by waking up the muscle groups that are commonly hard to activate. Try working these in before a deadlift or squat day and see how your body reacts to some pre-activation! – Did we miss one of your favorite warm-ups? Comment down below to let me know what you like to use in your warm-up! – SONG: Street Talk by Ghost Beatz #warmup #powerlifting #shoulderhealth #rehab #girlswhopowerlift – Sports bra: @nikewomen Shoes @nike Pants: @lululemon

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2) James Smith PT

James is a British Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer who tells it like it is. His content is rich with profanity and laughter at first glance, but on closer inspection is filled with thoughtful, honest, and straightforward training advice aimed at both men and women. You won’t find him selling products, diet culture, or next big thing – just back to basics, no nonsense health and wellness information in a funny package that’s a little bit skeptical about social media to begin with.

To quote the man himself, ” 99.999% of the world will have fat rolls when on the toilet or in the bath. ⁣Comparing your ‘behind the scenes’ to someone else’s photoshoot condition isn’t the best way to start your day, each and every day.”

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Just dishing out a few nugs of wisdom… 🤙🏼

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3) Max Schmarzo – Strong By Science

For the athletically oriented, Max offers science based information primarily related to becoming stronger, faster, and more explosive. With practical information on how to program workouts, jump higher, and train better – his insta is a mother-load of thought provoking content. Don’t believe me? Look at this!

4) Barbell Medicine

Run by a collective of MDs, Rehab Clinicians, and Strength Coaches, Barbell Medicine brings top notch content regarding injury recovery and prevention, weightlifting, and nutrition.

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Back pain, while unpleasant, is very common. • We discuss pain regularly here at Barbell Medicine, particularly back pain. They are complex topics that affect all humans and are especially relevant to populations engaged in resistance training. Today we have a brief excerpt from a talk that Dr. Austin Baraki (@austin_barbellmedicine) gave at Ft. Irwin near the sunny Mojave Dessert in California. Dr. Baraki was speaking to clinicians, so his presentation is geared towards them. However, it is still quite accessible and full of valuable information and insights. • In these two short clips, Dr. Baraki addresses how universal back pain is and compares its incidence to the common cold. Further, he mentions how low back pain resolves in the vast majority of cases in a matter of days or weeks. One of the first steps towards alleviating the symptoms of low back pain can be establishing self-efficacy. Once someone realizes that back pain is very normal and that its natural course is to resolve on its own over a reasonable period, that provides a foothold to establish some control over the situation. • Low back pain is not fun, but it does not mean that something is badly broken. Just about everyone will experience it at some point and it is likely to get better. The more someone experiencing low back pain can move and establish a feeling of control, even if it is uncomfortable, the more likely they are to see improvement in their symptoms. Caveats apply, of course, but those exceptions are somewhat rare. • Link to the full hour-long video on YouTube is in our bio. Check it out, along with the first part of the series at Ft. Irwin featuring Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum (@jordan_barbellmedicine ).

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5) Ben Bruno

Ben Bruno is a seriously strong personal trainer who made it big training folks in LA. Much like James Smith, he’s quite funny and has the education and experience to back up his training information. If you follow him you’re likely to pick up new exercise ideas and get a laugh out of it too.

Oh, yeah, you can also find him picking on Chelsea Handler….

6) EmpoweredByIron

Empowered By Iron is geared towards women and produces most of their content in podcast form (great to listen to when you train!). Common topics range from training and mental health, powerlifting, and managing training with one’s hormones.

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#repost @empoweredbyiron ・・・ Stories are powerful. @brenebrown says “when we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.” . We’ve known for a long time that many people use the iron to help them cope with and overcome challenges in life. Sometimes those challenges are minor stressors in life, and other times they come in the form of disturbances to mental health. . Today we sit down with four, amazing women (one of which is a mental health professional) who share their experiences with depression and how lifting has played a vital role in their mental health. @alex_miller03 @bratsy_cline @dawnstrength88 @sambelliveauu . Tune in over the next couple of months as we embark on a series of stories about how brave, strong women are living with and overcoming mental health challenges with help from heavy lifting. 📷: @aloragriffithsphotography . Lifting + Depression: A series on mental health – Episode 82 . Episode link in bio and wherever you find your podcasts (Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Android apps, and YouTube). . We would LOVE to hear from you. Suggestions? Feedback? Stories? We want it all. Shoot us an email at EMPOWEREDBYIRON@GMAIL.COM and we might just share your story on our next episode. • • • Find us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/empoweredbyiron . Join our women’s only Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1517771568309781 . #empoweredbyiron #powerlifting #weightlifting #girlswhopowerlift #girlswhoweightlift #girlswhocrossfit #fierceAF #eat4strength #podcast #issn #sportsnutrition #evidencebasednutrition #womenwholift #womenwhopowerlift #togetherwerise #womenempowerment #depression #anxiety #PTSD #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealthawareness

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7) Steph The Hammer

Steph is an adaptive athlete and Crossfit coach who lives with Cerebral Palsy. She owns and operates Hammer Driven Fitness Center, and provides an honest and important dialogue on embracing disability as a part of one’s fitness journey.

8) Train With Joan

For older gym goers, Train With Joan is living proof that fitness and strength know no age. Over seventy years old, she didn’t discover training until later in life but you wouldn’t know it – she shares images of her journey as well as videos of her current training.

9) Kabuki Strength Lab

Founded by Chris Duffin, Kabuki Strength Lab is located in Oregon. One of the strongest guys of all time, Chris combines his experience as an athlete and his engineering background to bring elite training information and equipment to the rest of us. If you’re training towards some “Grand Goals” and want to become “Anti-Fragile” both mentally and physically, Kabuki is the place for you.

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In possibly one of the darkest episodes of Strength Chat to date, we’re excited to have back our very first host from our first episode ever all the way back in 2016. Whereas our previous conversation focused on entrepreneurship and the fitness industry, today’s show features a conversation on a topic rarely touched: male mental health. Jeff Halevy @jeff.halevy is a long-time friend of Kabuki, a former Today Show corespondent, host of internationally syndicated Workout from Within, and Inc 5000 winning entrepreneur for his many successful ventures in the fitness industry. But he hasn’t always been these things. Known to many as an extremely dynamic, bright, and passionate voice in fitness – Jeff has only recently opened up to share his story of survival from depression, near-suicide, and chaos that almost landed him in prison for 25 years. In this extremely insightful and honest episode, Jeff and our hosts unpack what it means to “be a man” in the social age, fallacies and traps men fall into, and the desperate need for transparency and acceptable for those seeking help. This is an important episode for all of us to listen to. Thanks for sharing your story Jeff. ••••• Hosted by the Mad Scientist of Strength, Dr. Rudolph, and The Wizard of Training. @mad_scientist_duffin @rudykadlub @brandon_senn ••••• Available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, and Stitcher. Links in story. Make sure to subscribe!

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10) Dr. Stefi Cohen

Dr. Stefi Cohen is Venezuelan, holds 25 world records as a strength athlete, and stands at a small but mighty 5 feet tall. One of the strongest women in the world lb for lb, she is also incredibly educated and provides excellent advice for both men and women who want to become their strongest selves.

If you have any training questions you’d like answered post them below or you can shoot yours truly a DM @unbreakable_strength_co._

Stay Strong, Friends!

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