Let’s face it – fitness can be so  CONFUSING, right? 

How do I develop positive habits?

Is my form right?

What order do I complete exercises in and why?

If this sounds like you, Unbreakable is here to help. 

Hi, my name is Annie…

I started Unbreakable Strength Co. with one mission: to help others live happier lives by developing resilient minds and bodies through strength and movement training. I hold my degree in kinesiology, and am a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a large body of experience and continuing education under my belt. 

I deliver exceptional client care and results first and foremost by building relationships through attentive listening and consistent communication. 

I maintain high expectations and hold clients accountable to being their best selves with a sincere and whole hearted approach with the human at the center of it. 

If we sound like a good fit for each other, read on!